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Benefits of Choosing an Independent Eye Doctor

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When seeking professional eye care, you have the freedom to choose from a wide variety of solution providers. Some people obtain services from eye care chains, large hospitals, or multispecialty clinics, while others prefer to work with independent eye doctors. If you're looking for a smaller operation offering more intimate and personalized service, an independent eye doctor is the right choice for you.

Let's review some of the key benefits of working with a private practice:

  • Independent eye doctors are dedicated to their patients. When working with larger health care organizations, patients run the risk of being treated like statistics. These organizations often seek to treat as many people as possible, and therefore cannot deliver the depth of quality service that an independent eye doctor is committed to. Working with a private practice eye care specialist means your concerns will be heard and careful attention will be paid to every detail of your circumstances. If you're looking for more personalized service, you'll find it with an independent doctor.
  • Patients always see the same doctor. When working with independent certified eye care specialists, patients can count on being seen by the same doctor during each visit. This allows for you to develop a closer relationship with your doctor, and often means better care can be provided. Because independent doctors have the chance to become familiar with your eye health history, they are in a better position to give sound advice and administer appropriate treatments. Independent eye care practices usually have less employee turnover as well, so you can count on seeing familiar faces each time you come for an appointment.
  • Independent eye doctors don't answer to corporations. Unlike doctors at larger organizations, independent doctors don't have to alter their practices in order to meet the sales goals of parent corporations. They aren't pushed to sell you certain brands of products, but instead focus on providing you with a solution that is custom-tailored to your needs. Bigger corporations tend to use their purchasing power to stock up on certain products, and then sell these products exclusively. Independent doctors view each patient's needs as unique and then act accordingly.
  • Product fees are usually lower than chain store prices. If you're looking to buy new eyeglasses, fees tend to be lower when working with independent providers. Chains set strict limitations on their prices, while private practices have more room to negotiate and find you an excellent deal. Independent eye doctors have lower operating costs and overhead, which is another way they generate savings to pass along to loyal customers.
  • Independent eye doctors have all of the benefits of larger organizations, plus more. There aren't many things you'll find with a large corporation that you won't be able to get from a local provider. Independent practices are still capable of accepting your vision insurance, and have up-to-date optometric technology. Beyond these basics, independent eye doctors can give you a lot more for you money, including personalized care and reliable advice based on your unique circumstances.
  • Independent eye care specialists have the ability to provide you with the high-quality, personalized care that is rare in larger health care organizations. While larger corporations make center their business around seeing as many patients as possible, independent doctors focus more on providing quality care to a smaller group of people. This shift in philosophy leads to a range of diverse benefits for consumers who want to feel like they are more than a faceless number receiving mediocre or impersonal treatment.

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