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Contact Lenses Articles

1: Soft Lenses (October 12, 2008)
There are many types of contact lenses. Are soft contacts the right lenses for you? [more]

2: Hard Lenses (October 12, 2008)
Learn all about Hard Contact Lenses! [more]

3: Getting Fit For Contacts (October 12, 2008)
Since each person’s eyes and eye health presents a unique situation, contact lenses require custom-fitting by trained experts. [more]

4: Finding the Right Contacts (October 12, 2008)
There are a wide variety of different contact lenses that can be customized to the unique needs of your eyes. [more]

5: Caring for Contacts (October 12, 2008)
Following the appropriate contact lens care guidelines will ensure the health and safety of your eyes. [more]

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