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Finding the Right Contacts

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Finding the Right Contact Lenses

Thanks to developments in contact lens technology, there are a wide variety of different lenses that can be customized to the unique needs of your eyes. However, a bigger selection can make finding the right contacts an intimidating task. Follow these simple guidelines to learn how you can choose the appropriate pair of contact lenses with help from your certified eye care specialist.

Your optometrist will help you start the process by conducting a review of your eye health history. If you haven’t had an eye examination recently, your doctor will administer tests to get a better idea of what type of contact lenses will be the best fit for you.

Here are some general factors that may influence the type of contact lens your eye care specialist prescribes:

  • Your lifestyle. Your lifestyle, including your job, hobbies, and the intensity of your daily activities, will have a big impact on what type of contact lenses you wear. For example, people who are athletic tend to choose soft contact lenses over hard ones. Those who travel a lot or spend a lot of time outdoors may opt for a disposable contact lens that offers on-the-go convenience. For those who need only the sharpest vision possible, RGP contact lenses could be the answer. Talk to your eye care specialist about the interaction between your lifestyle and your lenses.
  • Your personality. Believe it or not, your personality does have a bearing on the type of contact lenses that will be best for you. For example, if you are impatient, you’ll want to choose the lenses that have the shortest period of adaptation – usually soft lenses. For the frugal, cost-conscious audience, rigid gas-permeable lenses may be the best deal. And for those who want to stay fashionable, color contact lenses or deep tinted soft lenses are an ideal fit. Again, your eye care specialist will be happy to help you find contact lenses that fit your personality and lifestyle choices.
  • Budget. Although it’s important not to base your decision on price tag alone, your personal budget should be considered before a final decision is made. You obviously want the lenses that will be the most comfortable and give you’re the best vision correction, so don’t skimp and settle for lower quality lenses. Be very wary of bargain prices or discount deals and remember – you get what you pay for! The price you pay for contact lenses should include an eye exam, the lenses, a care kit, basic training and instruction, as well as follow-up visits for a certain period of time after the purchase.  

Keep these basic guidelines in mind when shopping for your next pair of contact lenses. Remember, not all contacts are made equal, so it’s important to educate yourself about the types of contact lenses, as well as what benefits each contact lens affords. Once you have general knowledge of your options, you can speak with your local eye care specialist to complement your research with expert advice and examinations. With your specialist’s assistance, you can find contact lenses that are perfect for your lifestyle, personality, and budget – while also offering enhanced vision and optimal comfort.

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